Master Filtration is a leading comprehensive high technology enterprise specialized in the R&D, manufacture, technical service and distribution of liquid filtration equipment, products, accessories and materials, with more than 18 year industry experience, established in Hunan capital city: Changsha. Main liquid filtration products: pleated membrane filter cartridge (PP, PES, PVDF, PTFE, nylon (PN6, PN66)); high flow pleated filter cartridge; swimming pool & spa pleated filter cartridge; pp melt blown filter cartridge, wound string filter cartridge; swimming pool filter cartridge; filter bag(PP,PE,Nylon,Stainless Steel); stainless steel filter housing. All products are strictly followed by ISO9001:2015 Quality management & ISO 45001 Safety management system, meeting international quality standards and exporting to Europe and America, Middle East, Southeast Asia,etc more than 63 countries,widely applied in seawater desalination pre-filter treatment, RO system precision filter, power plant condensate water filter, wastewater filtration system, Oil, beverage, chemistry, microelectronics, pharmacy, painting and others. Our factory has 3 folding machines, 3 welding machines, 5 melt blown machines, 12 wound string machine ect, up to 4000pcs/day production capacity. Company insists in philosophy: "Quality priority" and constantly invests in R&D to provide customers one-stop professional products and solutions.


Master Filtration insists on standing in the customer's point of view, using interactive strategic thinking mode to break the routine.We believe that every successful case is the result of good cooperation, thinking and innovating to help customers achieve their filtration, separation, purification goals.








Particle efficiency and flow characteristic analysis

1. the particle count analysis method is used to test filter cartridge filtration efficiency.


2. Filtration flow differential pressure curve provides basic data for filter cartridge selection.

Pollutant particles quantity and size analysis

1. Analyze customer offered liquid sample pollutant particle quantity and size , well understand liquid pollution situation, and accurately provide filtration solutions.


2. Use energy spectrum analysis to further understand pollutants element composition, trace back to the source, and improve the pollution situation from the source of production process.

Product integrity analysis

1. by measuring the bubble point value, diffusion flow, pressure maintenance to verify filter cartridge integrity.


2. Use product wetting integrity to judge the compatibility of filter cartridge and liquid.

There is an industry-leading R & D and verification testing center to optimize, verify and compare the performance of filter cartridges, improving filter cartridge each production process, analyzing customer liquid material and customize optimized solutions for customers.